Professional Copper Pipe Cleaner

Tradesman Quality: The “WICKED” Brand Professional Copper Pipe Cleaner is a precision machined aluminum and tempered steel tool housing case, with durable stainless steel brushes and absolutely no plastic parts. This is a professional tool for tradesmen.
Built to Last]: This set is made for the person who knows they need one, but has never seen one! With just one look, you instantly know when you see something that is built to last. This tool “can take a punch” and unlike its plastic competitor, it’s able to withstand heat and friction for repetitive high torque operations.
Multifunctional Versatility]: Specifically designed for multi-use; this kit can be utilized with a power drill, if your work scope is large, or alternatively, it can comfortably be operated by hand, if it’s just a one off application. The “WICKED” pipe cleaning kit will clean both interior and exterior surfaces of copper pipe.

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