Wera 135927 Kraftform Kompakt 20 Piece SH1 Plumbers Tool Kit Screwdrivers Joker

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumb Kit is a compact tool set containing the 20 most important screwdriving tools for plumbing and heating applications. Wera has selected each tool in the kit to make the job easier, whether servicing a boiler, fitting plumbing fixtures or radiators, or even installing solar panels.
At the core of the kit is the Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 1/4″ drive – a high-speed ratchet that saves you both time and effort when driving and removing fasteners. The Zyklop is actually 6 tools in one and can be used as a: Fine-Tooth Ratchet, Flex-Head Ratchet, Angle Ratchet, Quick-Release Ratchet, Power Ratchet, Screwdriver.
The ratchet head pivots freely to provide enhanced hand clearance especially when working in confined or awkward places. The head can also be locked at 0, 15 and 90 left and right to prevent it from slipping and causing knuckle injury. A simple thumbwheel makes it easy to quickly switch between clockwise and anticlockwise operation regardless of the head position. Using the 1/4″ Zyklop adaptor with the head in the 0 degree position, the ratchet can take a bit and be used like a conventional screwdriver.

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