Bahco 9873 Plumbers Adjustable Wrench And Pliers Set Bacho

Precision-hardened & anti-corrosion treated, these quality Bahco wrenches can withstand high torque loads. Overall length: 10 inch / 257mm. Max jaw capacity: 33mm. Phosphated finish. Long-life, tapered jaws and 15° head angle with no protruding shank when fully open. Fixed jaw has left-reading measurement scale in mm. Comfortable thermoplastic handle and larger grip width.


Cleans flues and other boiler parts without scratching or damaging the material. Easily removes stubborn dirt and deposits, and helps extend the service life of any boiler. Also useful for miscellaneous cleaning tasks around the home, garage and workshop. Sizes 15mm dia, 50mm dia and 50 x 16mm dia. Handle Length 400mm

Adjustable Wrench MultiN Function Universal Spanner

Suitable for disassembly and assembly of sanitary ware, pipe nuts, etc. Will not damage decorative tubes and nuts, such as gold-plated, copper, etc. The handle is short, it is ergonomic and not easy to break, convenient to use in a narrow space. Precision, more flexibility, and higher efficiency. Made of aluminum alloy, with high hardness, … Read more

Professional Copper Pipe Cleaner

Tradesman Quality: The “WICKED” Brand Professional Copper Pipe Cleaner is a precision machined aluminum and tempered steel tool housing case, with durable stainless steel brushes and absolutely no plastic parts. This is a professional tool for tradesmen. Built to Last]: This set is made for the person who knows they need one, but has never … Read more

Plumbers Copper Brass Pipe Cutter 3 30mm

100% Brand new and high quality *Color: As Pictures Show *Adjustable distance: 3mm~30mm, 1/8″ -1-1 / 8″ *Very effective for cutting copper, brass, aluminum, thin-walled steel and plastic *Large ridged knob for precise adjustment of cutting pressure *High strength and hardness *Easy to use *Durable and practical *Applicable to copper, plastic, aluminum / alloy pipes

Dual Ended Wrench Socket Back Nut Tap

Corrosion resistant steel. Simple to use, accessing it to reach plugs without problem Dual-ended: 8/9mm, 10/11mm, 12/13mm, 14/15mm, 16/17mm, Special tools for manual disassembly of the spark plug. Used according to the spark plug and spark plug assembly position hexagonal size, choose different heights and radial dimension of the spark plug socket.

Aluminum Miter Saw Protractor

Made of high-quality materials, durable Made of CNC machined anodized aluminum. With easy-to-read precision engraved scales The internal O-ring mechanism rotates during operation to ensure smooth and accurate readings of inner/outer angles Two scales transmit your working angle directly to the miter saw for accurate miter and single cut Ideal for crown forming, trimming work, … Read more

Flir One Pro thermal camera for iphone

POWERFUL – Infrared camera mobile accessary with adjustable OneFit Connector lets you find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, and other heat-related issues- Camera Only batteries are not included FREE FLIR ONE mobile app (recently updated) with exclusive content, real-time professional tips and tricks, multiple spot meters, and easy automated reporting to document your … Read more

FLIR T640 Infrared Thermal Camera

Unit includes 2 genuine Flir batteries and 25° Lens as well as hard case and all other accessories seen in photos. Comes with additional close up lens. Unit has not been used more than 20hrs. It is in excellent condition. Even the plastic cover on the screen is intact. The batteries have never been charged … Read more

Seek Thermal Camera Black

Seek Thermal offers durable and affordable thermal imaging solutions, including the Seek Thermal Reveal handheld thermal cameras, specifically designed to equip every riding position. Powerful and rugged in design, the standalone Seek Reveal combines high-resolution thermal imaging, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and a large color display in one durable device. And when you need it, … Read more

Flir E95 24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR E95 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera, For water pipe leak detection can use for plumber tools imagine camera under slab pipe leak showing screen -Featuring interchangeable telephoto lenses (24°, 42°, 14°) that can be set up to auto-calibrate with the camera for quick swapping in the field with little down time and no need to … Read more

Infrared Thermal Imager Sensor Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera

NF-521 has thermal imaging function and can display hot and cold spots on the screen, enabing users to oberve the object temperature changes more effectively. It helpls you to quickly lock the target area. The standard 8GB memory card can save a large number of images and data and generate high-quality infrared images, which is … Read more

Thermal Imaging Camera Germanium Lens

Germanium 12mm GaAs diameter 19.05 focal length 50.8 GaAs diameter 19.05 focal length 63.5 GaAs diameter 20 focal length 38.1 GaAs diameter 20 focal length 50.8 GaAs diameter 20 focal length 63.5 GaAs diameter 20 focal length 76.2 GaAs diameter 20 focal length 101.6 GaAs diameter 18 GaAs diameter 25 Material: Ge ( Germanium) Application: … Read more

HT 201 Thermal camera usb

Bid farewell to the traditional single temperature measurement mode, can take photos and videos, and can be saved more advanced and convenient 2: Power detection, temperature distribution at a glance, thermal overload / mechanical fault can be easily solved 3: Compact and easy to carry 4: Not limited by power supply, the mobile phone can … Read more