Locating Leaks In Pipes Under A House ?

When listening for the sounds of a leak under a house, there are different sounds that we hearthat accurately identify where the leak is located.While performing a leak detection like the one in thishouse, we hear the sound of rushing water when wetouch the cold water nozzle under this sink.The pipe here is metal, and the vibration ofthe sound can be heard at longer distances.We know this pipe is leaking, but we want to knowwhere we employ other equipment to create a defining sound.At the precise location of the leak, the pipeand the location of the leak are saturated.There’s water in the line.By introducing air into the line, we hearthe air bubbling out of the pipe.It makes a distinctive boiling sound that we locateusing the deck plate and sometimes the soft sidedlistening disk for reaching into smaller confined spaces.Because PVC and plastic pipes don’t radiate the vibrationof a leak through a pipe, the use ofair and water injected into the line allows usto accurately identify the exact location of the breakor crack where water is escaping.At a low pressure just eight to twelve lbs.We create the sound of the leak and wecan Mark the exact area that needs repair.It minimizes potential damage from otherwise invasive techniquesto get at the pipe and fix it.The deck plate, the soft sided listening disc,and the pipe probe are all part ofthe Plumber’s Leak Detection Kit from Electronics, andthe kit includes a pressure rig for testinglines and injecting air and water into them.The Plumber’s Leak Detection Kit includes everythingnecessary to perform both residential or commercialplumbing leak detection, and it’s available

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