Jet Swet 2062 Kit Sizes 1 2 3 4 And 3 Jet Swets 3 Tools Set Of Replacement Gasket Parts And Waterproof Grease Plumbing

KIT INCLUDES – 3 Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ Jet Swet tools (Part 2000), Replacement Gaskets Set (Part 1751) and Jet Swet Waterproof Grease (Part 6278)
RATED AT 65 PSI – Jet Swets specialty water plug tools are calibrated to hold a maximum of 65 psi, though we have seen plumbers using them on much higher-pressure situations.
ULTIMATE TIME SAVER – Make rapid repairs, no waiting for water to drain before you start work. Allows you to solder without draining full water system lines. Avoid using the bread trick to plug water while you work. The ultimate way to save time and book more jobs.

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