How to Tracking Down Plumbing Leaks Inside Walls

Hello, everyone. I’m Joshua Contractors. And today I’m going to talk about howto track down leaks inside your walls.Now, for this job, you’ll need a couple of things.Now, for this job, we’ll be using akeyhole saw or saws all either one works.All we need to do is havesomething that will cut through that drywall.The first thing we want to dois identify where the leaks coming at.So we’ll look at our wall, see any wet spots.Water is controlled by gravity, so itwill be pulled down the fastest route.A lot of times that ends up running down your stud and off the top plate right onto the face of your drywall.So wherever you have the leak, usually it’sup above that just a little bit, becausethe gravity will pull that water down.So we have identified the leak according to ourdrywall, because the surface of the area is west.So we want to come up a little bit and cut ahole out to try to identify where that pipe is at.Now, you might have to cut a couple ofdifferent holes because there’s not really a code towhere to put the plumbing lines through your studs.Sometimes they’ll put it up higher, sometimes they’ll putit down lower or right through the wall.So you kind of got to guess where the leaks at.Sometimes there’ll be a little bit ofwater stain where it’s actually spraying outfrom the water pressure up higher.That’s a good guess that your waterlinewill be up a little bit higher. Ours is way down here, right next to the floor.So our waterline happens to be righthere, about 1ft off the floor.I’m Josh with Flighty Contractors.Thank you all for watching, andgood luck with this project.

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