How To Do Water Leak Detection Like A Plumbing Pro

we’re going to talkabout water leak detection and where it starts.You might think it starts at the meter, butactually we’re going to start somewhere else and we’regoing to talk about it right now.I’m marko, lead AP, the expert plumber.I’ve been plumbing over 38 years, and I have everymanager endorsement in the state of Texas on this channel.I’m teaching you everything youneed to know about plumbing.If you haven’t been here before, pleasesubscribe so you don’t miss anything.So in this video, we’re going to start by puttinga gauge on right here at the hose bib.The reason being that we haven’t turnedthe water off at the meter yet.But what we’re going to do, we’re goingto put the gauge on because we wantto see what city water pressure is.Now, I know a lot of you all heardabout hydrostatic tests, and that’s not what this is.This is strictly a leak test,but that’s where it all starts.So what we’re going to do, we’re going to put thegauge on and we’re going to turn it on because wewant to know what the city water pressure is.If this was a hydrostatic test, what we wouldbe doing is trying to pump up the systemso we can get the pressure higher.That’s not what we’re doing.All we want to know is therea leak in the water system.So as you can see, we’ve got acity water pressure of right at 70 PSI.So at this point, all we’re going to do isgo to the meter, turn it off, take a pictureof this so we know exactly where it is atwhat time, and then we’re going to wait 15 minutesto see if the water pressure drops or not.Guys, for residential leak detection, if youthink you’ve got a slab leak, thisis the very first thing you do.You want to know, does the sewerleak and does the water leak.So when it comes to a water leak testor leak detection for a water line under aslab, this is how you’ve got to start.You want to know, is there actually a leak or not?Okay, so actually what we’ve done is we’veput the gauge on at the house.So now we’ve got to get in tothe meter to actually shut the water off.So on a hydrostatic pump, like Isaid, we’d be pumping up the system.What we wanted to do is put the gauge onfirst while the meter is open, turn the water onat the Frost proof or at the hose vibe.That way we know we’ve got full city pressure.Now, we came out the other day andactually shut off the double check assembly.So we know that no wateris going to the irrigation system.And the reason that we wanted to isolate theirrigation system is what we’re trying to check for.This is a buyer buying a house and we want tomake sure that there are no leaks under the house.Now, I call this a slab leak, but actually this is aPier in Beam house, but we still want to make sure thereare no water leaks or sewer leaks under this house.So now that we’ve got thisopen, we know this is isolated.We’re going to go ahead and turn the water off.Now, what we’re going to do is go take apicture, let it sit for 15 minutes, and that waywe know for sure there’s no leaks in this house.All right, so now I’m taking a picture and whenI look at the picture in my phone, I canactually tell what time the picture was taken.So what I’m going to do is I’m going towait 15 minutes, come back and look at it again,and then I’ll know if there’s any pressure loss.If there is, that lets me know that there’sa leak somewhere between the meter and the house.Now, if there was a valve box, here what I could do.If there is a leak, I could shut thatoff and determine if the leak is in theyard or if the leak is under the house.But for now, we’re going to give it 15minutes and come back and look at it.So what we’ve got here, we lostabout £10 in about 16 minutes.I walked inside the listing because Isaw that it was going down.So we let it go down alittle bit longer than the 15 minutes.But what we’ve determined is now we know there’s a leak.Either the buyer can invest money in a valve box hereat the house to isolate the yard from the house.That way we know, or we can further isolateit and test again to find out which sideof the house the leak is on.So we’ve tested everything and now we know thatthere’s a leak on the water system somewhere.So what we’re going to do iswe’re going to put everything back together.We’re going to let the seller and the buyer communicate and figureout, does the seller want the buyer to fix it or doesthe buyer just want more money off so they can fix itthemselves at a later date when they want to?But the one thing that you want to remember todo is make sure that you get back in hereand you turn the water back on before you leave.So guys, that’s what we come into today.Now, it’s up to the buyers and sellersto figure out what they want to do.Does the seller want to fix things?Do the buyers just want money to fix things?How do they do it?If you’ve had this problem before, please leave a commentdown below and let us know what you think andthen we’ll see you in the next video. Until then.Just keep laying pipe bye.

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