Eotech X 320 Compact Thermal Imager Night Vision All Accessories Mint Condition

This is an amazing compactthermal imager, with a feature set unbeatable for the price. It can fit in a shirt pocket, weighs about 13ounces with 2 AA batteries (Lithium Ion strongly recommended), but also has atripod mount and output for video recording.
It operates in multiplemodes, focuses to approximately 1 foot or less (‘ve used it to locate smallkittens trapped in bushes at night) and has consistent sharp images. The 320×240 image is sharp and objects areeasily recognizable. I have used it togo on uneven trails in near total visual darkness.
Features a digital zoom to magnify objects 2x, 3x, or4x and can detect human activity past 2400′. A rear pushbutton selection switchand navigation dial gives you control of the menu-driven functions and settingsand can easily be used left or right handed. The included Windows OS softwareCD give you the ability to tailor aspects of the functionality like the colorscheme, temperature measurement, and the user-interface to your specific needs,and to save multiple preferences for different situations

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