Compact Professional HD Thermal Inkjet Printer

1.HD 4.3inch Touch Screen:Our handheld coding machine is equipped with a 4.3-inch high-definition touch screen and High LCD screen resolution, and supports built-in touch keyboard input. for easy operating and time saving.
2.High-Definition Printing:This Handheld Inkjet Printer adopts the High-Definition Quick-Drying Ink Cartridge. The ink will not block the ink outlet and printing is smooth & brightly colored, so the word is very clear and strong adhesion.
3.This handheld printer can print on the surface of boards, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, glass, plastic, etc to meet your various printing needs. And it is compact and light which is easy to carry and printable anytime.
4.The handheld printer is charged separately, safe and reliable, which is equipped with a 1500mAh battery which can work continuously for about HOURS. The text editor has many options and print high-quality text graphics at 360 degrees, as well as various barcodes, including pictures.

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