How To Do Water Leak Detection Like A Plumbing Pro

we’re going to talkabout water leak detection and where it starts.You might think it starts at the meter, butactually we’re going to start somewhere else and we’regoing to talk about it right now.I’m marko, lead AP, the expert plumber.I’ve been plumbing over 38 years, and I have everymanager endorsement in the state of Texas on … Read more

Best Ways to Find Water Leaks

If you suspect a leak in your home, there are a fewsigns to look for and test to run to determine if youreally do have a leak, which I’ll show you in this video.And if after you run these tests and look forthese signs you do really think you have a leak,then call a professional … Read more

KT-100L Parcel Leak Test Instrument

KT-100L is a professional electronic hearing stick with filter. It adopts high integration circuit. It has high reliability, handiness, compactness, easy to carry, flexible and simple to operate, economical and practical. With the traditional mechanical type to drain rod compared to the electron leakage listening bar adopts the high sensitivity of the piezoelectric sensor has higher sensitivity, through multistage filter, the maximum removal of noise, the leak sound more clearly. The utility model is convenient for inserting grassland and soil detection, and is suitable for all kinds of road census listening in a long time. Suitable for all kinds of pipes including plastic pipes.

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You Can REPAIR IT! Pow-R Wrap is a strong, permanent and economical repair. Works on virtually every kind of pipe and hose. It’s an easy alternative to traditional methods such as cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving and replacement. Works on wet, dry, clean, dirty or corroded pipes. Even works under water…salt or fresh. Pow-R Wrap is a complete, self contained kit that includes a resin impregnated fiberglass tape in foil bag, Pow-R Stick epoxy putty to enhance repairs, 1 pair of protective gloves and complete installation instructions. Three convenient sizes to choose from.

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Electronic Stethoscope Earphone Leak Detector

This Electronic Stethoscope is paricularly suitable for use in machine noise detection.You can easily detect and find the hidden trouble of a machine In an early time, to ensure the machine’s proper operation and avoid any damage and economic loss.

1) Consists IC circuit and transistor, stable characteristics, high reliability.
2) Work with EM410 high sensitive probe.
3) Small volume and light weight.
4) LED light indicate the strength of signal of the active channel.
5) Battery powered and easy to use.
6) Comes with long & short probe & Adjustable headset.
7) This High Sensitive Electronic Stethoscope can be used to quickly and accurate pinpoint noise and location of engine bad bearings, bushings dirty fuel injectors, wind and air leaks, noisy valv- es and filters
8) Also can be used to detect noise in machine components, such as gears, valves, vents and pumps.
9) To measure the water tank tightness, check the pipe, frozen air conditioning pipe leakage and the water tank, airtight space leak, etc.

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Hy 929 water pipe leak detector amateur

Using new components and China advanced technology, the sound quality has been greatly improved.
It has strong penetrability, whether it is water pipe, cement pipe or steel pipe, it can play a very good effect
Built‑in 3.7V lithium battery, which can be recharged repeatedly, have long service life and easy to use.
Strong practicability, suitable for water leakage detection of various construction pipelines.
Design switch, dual detectors, including probes and probes needle, the volume can be adjusted according to the situation.

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Elitech ILD-200 Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector

ILD-200 Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector is designed exclusively to make the HVACR Technician’s job easier, faster, safer and more efficient. We set out to develop the best refrigerant leak detector for HVACR. The ergonomic design fits naturally in your hand. The ruggedized construction stands up to abuse most other leak detectors can’t handle. The Six-hour … Read more