30 Meters Sewer Waterproof Camera 7 LCD Drain Pipe Pipeline Inspection System

1. Battery can use for 8 hours, in good condition.

2. IP68 waterproof design, durable to withstand various environments.

3. HD 1000TVL megapixels fishing camera with 145 degrees viewing angle, give you clear high quality image.

4. The pipe inspection camera combines a camera-tipped probe with 7inches LCD monitor, for viewing hard-to-reach inspection area.

5. Luxury leather sunshade provides clear viewing in outdoor inspection and extra protection for the monitor.

6. Exquisite aluminum box integrated design, easy to use, without assembly, all accessories can be put into the box, durable and sturdy.

7. The available camera extension cable length is 30m, cold-resistant, waterproof and pull-resistant.

8. Apply to water supply pipeline, air conditioning pipeline, cable pipeline, pipeline vacuum system, lead industrial pipeline, underground pipeline construction, small space rescue work, underground cave exploration, underwater research.

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