v18 plus

v18 water leak detector locates the leaking point of drinking water pipes under concrete.
You will find pipeline water leaks up to 1-2 meters deep with v18 plus more plumber for detect water pipeline leaks using acoustic listening device best price warranty have of v18 “turbo mode”you will hear deeply leak sounds with v18 plus
Have pipeline leak vibration led indicator on this device you can see vibration level on this screen its very sensitivity.

Allows Easily Identify Every Surface In The Under Concrete Floor Or Wall

You Will Find, Cracked Pipe, In Bathrooms “Kitchens Toilets Within A Period Of 5 Minutes”. All Cracked Pipes To A Depth Of 11-80 inches under Concrete
Will Be Find Easily With This Device.
Water Pipe Leakage Occurring Will Be Identified As The Point In The Bathroom.

v18 plus Water Leak Locator Has An Ultra Sensitive Hearing

v18 has internal battery. You can use the device thousands of times by charging it.
It offers up to 150 hours of operation on a single charge. The device is covered by the
manufacturer’s 1 year limited warranty. Technical service and spare parts service are available.
You can get the spare parts of the device from us in the quantity you want.
High quality sturdy carrying case protects your device.BAGS CONTENTS:
1 x v18 control panel
1 x Surface Probe
1x ground microphone
1 x Probe Cable
1 x HeadPhones
1 x Charger
1 x Manual – EN
1 x Sturdy carrying case

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