Tz-12 underground water pipe leak detector


Tz-12 water underground leak detection device locates the leaking point of drinking water pipes in concrete. The affordable price makes the device popular for plumber also the device has great precise sound quality
You will find underground pipeline water leaks up to 11-80 inch deep with this device. Have 2  mode of device  Tz-12, deep mode, normal mode you will hear
louder and clearer sound. Thanks to the lighted indicator of the device, you can see
the vibrations diagram on the indicator. With the surface probe supplied with the device,
you can easily detect on floor and wall surfaces. Also coming 2 probe first probe for wall surfaces second probe is for ground surfaces you can wear it 12 inch rod on second probe and can use deep places. This device cuts out external noise sounds Allows easily identify every surface in the under concrete floor or wall With Tz-12 you will find, cracked pipe, in bathrooms, “kitchens toilets within a period of 5 minutes”. All cracked pipes to a depth of 11 inches in concrete
will be find easily with this device.
The device has a rechargeable internal battery you can work 50-150 hours

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